The “I swear I rock at parallel parking, BUT”

You know when you’re trying to parallel park between two cars, and it’s one of those moments where everyone is watching you because they had been waiting for you and for some reason, that space between those two cars feels so much tighter than skinny jeans on a hot day and you swear your car just grew and the window used to be better, or your neck used to be longer, because you swear you actually rock at parallel parking but to all these buffoons, you’re clearly struggling.

and it goes on and on and on, and you move up, and you move back, and you move up, and you move back, and you just want to pick up the damn car and shove it in, but no, you keep going, moving up, moving back, moving up, moving back, until finally everyone is surrounding the car trying to help you and when you finally make it in, all you want to do, is drive away.

I serve as one of the assistant worship leaders at my church, and every Sunday I lead the band through a short centering practice.  This morning, I asked everyone: “What makes you laugh?”

of course, as the one who asked the question, I volunteered to go first, but all I could say was… “life”.


Life makes me laugh.  Life makes me laugh hard.

Life also makes me cry.  Life makes me cry real hard.

*takes a break to eat a slice of frozen cheesecake because life needs cheesecake to help transition from the cry to the laugh*


I think that’s it.

We laugh. We cry. That’s life.


also, I freaking cleaned the apartment today: kitchen, bathroom, other space, and myself. I think that’s a major win for life today… and the use of dishwashers are beyond me. and why do bathrooms get so gross? shouldn’t they be like self cleaning by now?

thanks for being.


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