Mind Fuckery: Signed, God

On February 15, 2015, I wrote my first post:



I think it’s time for an update, not to say that any of those are necessarily false, or wrong, or not -true anymore, but simply for the purpose of updating to my current status.


I identify as a(n) codependent, bulimic, depressed, anxious, cis-heterosexual female, LGBTQIA Ally, Anti-Racist, Korean-American, white, Asian, person of color, economically privileged, multi-lingual, counter cultural, mainstream, environmentalist, justice-seeking, animal-loving, plant-loving, arachnophobic, hyperphobic, neurotic, thinker, creator, follower, leader, disciple, writer, artist, philosopher, rationalist, logicist, empathic, hyper-sensitive, spiritual, poetically-licensed, rebel, geek, curious, mystical, human being in wonderment of this Jesus person and totally sunk in this cosmic web of heat transferring, planet  forming, mysterious, fuckedupious, … love? Universe? Multi-verse? Existence.

I am.





I could obviously continue to tell you more about all the wonderful things that I am, but I don’t want to make you feel small compared to me so I’ll rest with the labels and identifiers here for now and let you fill in the rest if you so desire, or rather, leave it in a tangled hyperbolic beautiful smorgasbord of  particles swimming together allowing us to perceive certain lines and spaces and colors a certain way at a certain time in a certain understanding of this thing we’re in – or not in – or whatever.


God, life’s a big hard hammer smashing mind-fuck.


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